CFP: Roundtable on ​​​​​​​“Storying the Pacific: A Transdisciplinary Roundtable” 

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“Storying the Pacific: A Transdisciplinary Roundtable” 

Scholars and artists are invited to submit a brief contribution abstract for a roundtable to be  submitted for the 2023 NASOH Conference on “Beaches, Islands, Ports, and Ships: Placing  the Pacific in the North American Maritime Imagination”.  

This roundtable, organized by Penelope Hardy and Giulia Champion, invites scholars and  artists thinking through and working on the Pacific in North America and beyond.  Contributions are sought on ways of knowing, narrating and depicting the Pacific in history,  cultural productions, visual cultures and beyond from indigenous and settler contexts across  the North and South Pacific contexts. 

The contributions are expected to be roughly 5-minutes long and engage manners in which the  Pacific has been “known”, narrated, told, constructed and/or unlearned in different languages,  historical, scientific and cultural contexts. Questions addressed include, but are not limited to: 

  • Who is the Pacific? 
  • What hi/stories have been told and/or “recorded” about the Pacific? - How has the Pacific been known/constructed in scientific discourse and in non-western  and traditional epistemic practices? 
  • What is Pacific “knowledge”?  
  • What has been and is role of the Pacific in the development of oceanography or ocean  sciences? 
  • What commercial and exploitative relations have been and are being constructed with  and imposed onto the Pacific Ocean? 
  • How is the Pacific narrated in the context of leisure and tourism? 
  • How alternative relations and water practices with the Pacific have been narrated and/or  transmitted? 
  • How is the Pacific narrated in different linguistic contexts from imperial settler  languages to indigenous ones? 
  • What forms Pacific narratives take? 

The organizers anticipate seeking panel sponsorship from the International Commission of the  History of Oceanography. 

Please submit a 250-words contribution abstract with a brief 200-words biography with preferred pronouns by Monday, 20 February to and, so the roundtable proposal can be submitted to NASOH for the conference abstract deadline of 28 February.