Call for Submissions: Historiographical Essays on Marine Corps History

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American History / Studies, Maritime History / Studies, Military History

Marine Corps History journal is seeking submissions of essays exploring the historiography of the Marine Corps, examining the extant sources and the shape of scholarly debate on specific events or actions or on broader general history topics.

Historiographies may focus on Corps involvement in specific wars, battles, operations, or humanitarian efforts (esp. to coincide with upcoming commemorations, such as anniversaries of battles), individual Marines, weapons systems, doctrine, education and training, or cultural history. Essays may evaluate the historiography of a topic; examine shortfalls in the historiographical record; analyze changes in the historiography’s treatment or interpretations of a subject over time; or take a unique approach proposed by the author.

MCH’s goal is to publish historiographical essays that provide insights for both scholars and PME students about the sources that are currently available on a range of Marine Corps historical topics and to reveal gaps or shortcomings that offer opportunities for new or further study.

Minimum word count: 3,000, including footnotes. All submissions should be fully footnoted per Chicago Manual of Style 2017 edition.

Proposals will be accepted on an ongoing basis. Please send essay proposals to managing editor Stephani Miller:

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Stephani L. Miller

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