Colloquium of the Mediterranean Platform (University of Konstanz), Winter Term 2022/2023

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November 9, 2022 to February 8, 2023
Subject Fields: 
World History / Studies, Research and Methodology, Modern European History / Studies, Middle East History / Studies, Immigration & Migration History / Studies

The Mediterranean Platform was founded in 2019 to bring together and make different cultural Mediterranean research approaches visible at the University of Konstanz. Arising from a joint initiative of historians and literary scholars, it discusses current research projects and new perspectives on Mediterranean Studies. At the same time, the platform serves to network on-going and initiate future research projects with a Mediterranean focus. Since 2020 it has been supported by the Committee on Research (AFF) of the University of Konstanz. The Platform organizes a regular research colloquium every semester in German and/or English, in which interested persons (pre- and postgraduates as well as scholars) can participate online or in person. 

The colloquium is held on Wednesdays from 15:15 bis 16:45 or on Tuesdays from 17:00 to 18:30 in Room G 308. For the digital sessions, please contact Jovo Miladinović ( in order to get the link.

09.11. Laurent Schmidt (Konstanz): Digging - Collecting - Exhibiting: Archaeology as a Transimperial Science of the Long 19th Century (in German)

16.11. Lena Maier-Maidl (Konstanz): Parallel Mobilities: German Tourism and Mediterranean Labor Migration in the Postwar Period (in German)

30.11. Severin Steinberger (Konstanz): The Memory of Italian Colonialism through a Comparative Literature Analysis (in German)

07.12. (Digital│Intern) DFG-Network Modern Mediterranean: Writing the Modern Mediterranean

13.12. (17-18:30, digital) Pamela Ballinger (Ann Arbor): Materializing Mussolini's Mediterranean (together with the Colloquium Modern History and the Center for Cultural Inquiry)

14.12. (10-11:30, hybrid│ZT 1201), Feđa Milojević, Goran Bilogrivić, Vjeran Brezak, Lovro Kralj (Rijeka): The Eastern Adriatic and its Hinterland in a Regional Context: Studying and Researching at the Department of History, University of Rijeka

20.12. (17-18:30), Claudia Gatzka (Freiburg): A 'European' Destination? Imperial Comparative Communication in Egypt Tourism, ca. 1840-1914 (together with Colloquium Modern History, in German)

10.01. (17-18:30), Arie Dubnov (WashingtonBerlin): Dreamers of the Third Temple: Zionism in the Age of Imperial Federalism, 1903-1956 (together with the Colloquium Modern History)

11.01. Markus Messling (Saarbrücken): The Algerian Experience: Fanon, Derrida, Bourdieu and the Other View of Europe (in German)

17.01 (17-18:30) Daniel Tödt (KonstanzMarseille): Black Maritime Workers and the African Mediterranean (together with the Colloquium Modern History)

25.01. (Digital│InternJovo Miladinović (Konstanz): Between the Sea, Coast, and Hinterlands: Territorializing the southern Adriatic, 1760-1860

07.02. (17-18:30) Bianca Gaudenzi (KonstanzRom): The “Return of Beauty?” The Politics of Cultural Restitution in Italy, the Federal Republic of Germany and Austria, 1945-2001 (together with the Colloquium Modern History)

08.02. (Digital│InternMediterranean Plattform: Teaching Mediterranean History



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