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On the off chance that you missed some of these interesting postings here's a couple that made me stop and say,  "Ohhhh?" beginning with:

The Association for Great Lakes Maritime History:

1,000-Year-Old Marine Artifact Found 

"The Hong Kong Underwater Heritage Group told the web news site Live Science that they had recently recovered a granite anchor stock from about 10 meters of water near High Island. Based on similar artifacts, it likely dates to the Chinese Song Dynasty (960-1279 CE).

In July, the group recovered a colonial era, British cannonade near Basalt Island. Both items will undergo many months of conservation to remove marine concretions. Afterward, it is hoped they will be displayed at the Hong Kong Maritime History Museum." The AGLMH can be found at <> or  <> if you are Facebook inclined.


A fascinating bit of history posted by Naval History and Heritage Command is: 

Tragedy of USS Memphis 

"On the afternoon of 29 August 1916, two U.S. Navy ships were at anchor in the harbor of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, when at 3:30 p.m. a series of very close tsunami-like waves inundated the harbor, driving USS Memphis (Armored Cruiser No. 10) ashore and almost wrecking the pre–Spanish American War gunboat USS Castine. The waves were so steep, reportedly 75 feet high, that they flowed over the armored cruiser, including the bridge and even the stacks, and repeatedly battered the warship into the harbor bottom..."

The piece is well written and riveting. The full story can be found here:

The Naval History and Heritage Command is docked here: <> and maintains a presence at pretty much every social media port on the cyber seas. Nay say you? I challenge you to search Naval History and Heritage Command on the various social media platforms! It's time well spent if you geek out over naval history.  

If you are looking for something you might have missed in Maritime or Naval History over the past week, stop by here every Thursday to see what I have found, or better yet, why not share your finds here... let's see what you got!

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