new editors...and a song

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Well folks, my Call for Editors of a few weeks ago was successful and H-Maritime is no longer rudderless. A few new trainers are wading through the H-Net training and initiation rites as we speak. One of them, Donna Sinclair, has already been through training as a current H-Net editor (on H-Atlantic, H-War, and H-USA—connections which should serve H-Maritime well) so she is able to take the helm immediately.

So I’m jumping ship. I must set sail for the troubled waters of other H-Net networks in need. It has been a pleasure. I leave you with a charming song, partly because it represents my take on Maritime Studies (you will be so much better off with the new editors) and partly to show off embedding videos—something we could never do in our old list serve format.



Patrick Cox

H-Net Vice-President for Networks

Ex-Interim-Editor, H-Maritime


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Oh dear. My apologies--I posted this on the wrong network! It was obviously meant for H-Maritime!

By way of backing away gracefully, know that new editors have been found for H-Low-Countries as well and you have now have clear proof that you will be better off with them running things around here than with me in charge!

Patrick Cox

H-Net VP for Networks and H-Low-Countries Interim Editor