H-Low-Countries needs editors!

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My name is Patrick Cox, Vice-President of Networks at H-NET and acting editor of H-Low-Countries. 

H-Low-Countries has been silent too long so I 'd like to assemble a team of editors to take over the Network on an ongoing basis. Long-time H-Low-Countries editor D.J. Wolffram will be resuming editorial duties in due course but would like a team of to join him, and now is a great time to get involved.

In this new format, H-Low-Countries is ready for leadership to maintain the resource it has been and expand into its new capabilities. There is new capacity for multi-media content which seems well suited to the network. Maps, images, video from TV or film clips can all be posted, archived as resources or collections, and discussed. Podcasts are possible. H-Low-Countries can host blogs or store documents--from a collection of relevant syllabi to an archive of useful resources--and solicit new content in something like an “Occasional Papers” series. It is truly a blank slate at this point, with a ready-made audience of nearly 200 interested members. It would also be great to revive the series of book reviews published on H-Low-Countries.

H-NET networks are best run by a team who share the workload, so please consider joining. You provide the interest and H-NET will provide the technical training and support, and I can stay on board until new editors are comfortable in the position. 

Editing H-NET networks provides valuable service to your field and a unique line to your CV!

If you're interested, let me know at vp-net@mail.h-net.msu.edu and I can tell you more.

Thanks so much.

Patrick Cox
H-NET Vice-President of Networks

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