CFP: Dutch Session at 2017 Renaissance Society of America Conference (Chicago, March 30-April 1, 2017)

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Renaissance Society of America (RSA) Conference, Chicago, Illinois (USA)

30 March – 1 April 2017

Proposed panelTransnational Literary Exchange in the Early Modern Low Countries

Organized by Jan Bloemendal (Huygens Institute) and James Parente (University of Minnesota)

16th- and 17th-century Netherlandic literature, in the vernacular and Neo-Latin, has experienced an efflorescence of critical attention in recent years, especially within the context of early modern politics, society, and religion. Much of this scholarship has understandably remained focused on literary production within the geographic space of the Low Countries, but the myriad connections between multilingual and often peripatetic Netherlandic poets, dramatists, and prose writers with literary works originating elsewhere in Europe, and in turn, the engagement of Dutch writers in literary life across the continent, has remained relatively underexplored. The proposed panel seeks to move beyond familiar questions of literary influence, or the probing of the various ancient, medieval, and Renaissance sources that informed Dutch literary works to uncover moments of intercultural literary and intellectual exchange between the Low Countries, Europe, and the world. Papers are welcome on any aspect concerning the interconnections between Netherlandic and European literary practice that reveal Dutch literature as an integral component of early modern European letters. Questions may concern such topics as the role of translation in creating and exporting Dutch and Neo-Latin literature; the contribution of non-Dutch residents in the Netherlands to the shaping of Dutch literature; and conversely the engagement of Dutch writers with the development of Latin and vernacular writing in other European lands and beyond.  We particularly seek papers on Dutch writers who regularly cross linguistic and geographic boundaries to shape a new transnational European literary idiom.

150-word abstracts for papers must be received by Friday, 3 June 2016. Abstracts should be accompanied by a 300-word (maximum!) mini-biography that indicates the speaker’s affiliation, rank, and the title(s) of one or two publications or other evidence of scholarship. Speakers should also indicate if they have any audio-visual needs for their presentations. Abstracts and mini-bio should be sent to Jan Bloemendal  ( and James Parente (

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