CfP: Boundary Conditions in Netherlandish literature, language anc culture (MLA, Philadelphia, January 5-8, 2017)

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Call for papers
5–8 January 2017, Philadelphia
Sessions organized by the MLA Dutch Forum
At the 2017 convention of the Modern Language Association of America, the MLA Dutch  Forum will organize one or more sessions on the 2017 MLA Presidential theme ‘Boundary  Conditions’. The convention will be held from 5–8 January, in Philadelphia, one of the earliest  Dutch settlements in North America. 
The 2017 MLA president Kwame Anthony Appiah described the theme ‘Boundary Conditions’  as follows:
Boundary conditions are, for mathematicians, the parameters that define the space in which one  seeks solutions. So the theme offers, first, an invitation to reflect together on the parameters  that determine our work. Our boundary conditions are sometimes spatial, sometimes  identitarian, sometimes disciplinary and subdisciplinary, and boundaries themselves are sites of  artistic production and of scholarship. As students of language and literature increasingly cross  national boundaries, physically and virtually, we face new questions about composition and  critical analysis, second-language pedagogy, translation, and the ideas of global literature and  transnational cultural studies. How do our new boundary conditions affect our understanding of  the projects of literary and cultural studies? How do new forms of communication—online  education, digital libraries, blogs, hypertext, machine translation, social media, and new tools of  textual analysis—reshape the boundary conditions of our work? And how are these boundary  conditions affected by the new material circumstances in our universities—the growth of the  precariat, challenges from opponents of liberal education, clashing conceptions of freedom of  expression?
We believe that the theme of ‘Boundary Conditions’ is a particularly fruitful one in the context  of scholarship on the history and culture of the Low Countries. We therefore invite papers that  analyse boundary conditions (linguistic, geographical, mental, cultural, generic, disciplinary,...)  in any aspect of Netherlandish literature, language and culture. 
If you are interested in presenting a paper during one of the MLA Dutch sessions, please send a  250-word abstract by 15 March 2016 to
More information on the MLA 2017 convention can be found on the MLA website:
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