Southern Studies networks in need of editors!

H-Net Vice President of Networks Caroline Waldron (Term Jan '22-Dec '24) Discussion


My name is Patrick Cox, H-NET Vice-President of Networks. I’m writing on behalf of two H-Net Networks that need some help: H-South and H-Southern-Religion.

The editors of H-South have been participants in H-Net since the early 1990's and board members can date themselves to the beginning of the organization.  They are excited about the potential the Commons presents and look forward to the new Commons H-South environment.  The first step is changing what it means to be an editor of H-South.  The new model will include many editors who will serve as project oriented content creators.  

There is new capacity for multi-media content which seems well suited to Southern studies. Maps, images, TV or film clips can all be posted, archived as resources or collections, and discussed. Podcasts are possible. Multimedia book reviews can be created. H-South can host blogs or crowdsource and store documents—a collection of relevant syllabi, reading lists, listings of useful archives, museums and other resources. We might also solicit and publish content in something like an “Occasional Papers” series, even host online "events". There is also capability for unique online collaborations between H-Net's several Southern Studies themed networks.

The H-South editors are looking for scholars active in the study of the American South who want to raise their exposure, work collaboratively, and contribute excellent content to the new H-South.  H-NET will provide the technical training and support.

Editing H-NET networks provides valuable service to your field and a unique line to your CV!

If you're interested in joining the team at H-South, let current H-South Editor David Herr know at and he can tell you more.

If you have a specific interest in the study of religion in the Southern states, H-Southern-Religion has been quiet for 4 years, but if anyone is interested in taking the network on as editor we’d be happy to see it rejuvenated. This might include all the features mentioned above, plus publication of H-Southern-Religion’s own line of Book Reviews in the H-Net system. The Commons is also designed to facilitate collaborative online projects that our old listserve set up could never do; the powerful content building potential among the many Southern Studies and specific southern state networks on H-Net would likely prove valuable to the sustainability of H-Southern-Studies. If interested in holding a revival at H-Southern-Religion, let me know at

Thanks, and all the best!

Patrick Cox, H-Net VP for Networks