CFP: MESA 2020 Panel: From Miṣr to Egypt and al-Shām to Syria: Sovereignty, Community and Rule 1600-1899

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We are seeking participants for a panel at the upcoming 2020 annual Middle Eastern Studies Association (MESA) conference that will be held from October 10-13, 2020 at Washington D.C. The panel focuses on the theme of sovereignty, community and belonging in the Levant and Egypt. It is titled “From Miṣr to Egypt and al-Shām to Syria: Sovereignty, Community and Rule 1600-1880.” This panel explores the relationship of hierarchical and interlocking sovereignty from the Levant to Egypt by adopting a long durée approach from the 16th century to the 19th century. Its purpose is to correct the neglected theoretical and historical focus on the communities that spanned these borderlands and traversed them through war and conquest. By adopting a long durée approach it hopes to answer the question of how Levantines and Egyptians experienced changes in sovereignty, community and rulership from the 16th century onwards through the various milestones of war and conquest, famine, Western intervention and massacre?


The panel hopes to engage scholars across fields who work on the Levant and Egypt and the Ottoman connection. Submissions from the fields of cultural studies, Islamic Studies, literature, legal history, Middle Eastern Studies, religion and political history are encouraged. For a detailed description please see attached abstract. Those interested in presenting a paper on this panel should write a 150 word abstract and a brief bio with name and affiliation to Karim Malak at and Omar Abdel-Ghaffar at no later than February 10, 2020.