CFP: Battleground Midwest (Mid-America American Studies Association)

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BATTLEGROUND MIDWEST: Defining Who and What Matters in U.S. and Beyond. Friday-Saturday, March 4-5, 2016 @ University of Kansas, Lawrence

The Major issues of the 21st century are being fought in the backyards of the Midwest, the geographical U.S. center. Since the last gathering of the Mid-America American Studies Association (MAASA) this region has drawn international attention of mass organization around Ferguson, Missouri, police Brutality, and varied forms of structured violence; unequal taxation and declining school districts; a rise of poverty among the urban, suburban, and rural populations; union busting and ruthless assaults on public education; immigration and human trafficking; religious freedom, academic intellectual censorship; women's and LGBTQ rights and protections; and growing hunger and deprivation that do not discriminate between Native American, African American, Latina/o, Asian American, and white children. 

Featured Plenary Panelists:
Ben Looker, president, MAASA
David Roediger, president, ASA
Robert Warrior, president-elect ASA

MAASA welcomes papers, proposed panels, roundtables, poster sessions, and other session formats from students, faculty, and activists. Adherence to the 2016 theme is encouraged but not required. All paper and session topics will be considered.

I am troubled by the lack of explicit attention given to race and racial injustice/inequality in this CFP, particularly considering the recognition of Ferguson and police violence. Additionally, hunger and deprivation in fact DO discriminate according to racial groups, as African-Americans, Latino/as, and Native groups are more at risk of hunger than whites.