Farm labor comment in 1962

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I am doing some research regarding a church organization's political activity (or lack thereof) in the 20th century. I have a recording of a 1962 exhortation by church leadership warning members away from joining some kind of agricultural labor effort. The church at the time was largely Midwestern and rural.  An Anabaptist/Mennonitish type of group, leadership only spoke officially about political and social activities when they sensed members were involving themselves, so I am fairly certain the labor effort of concern here either took place in the Midwest or "threatened" to gain traction in the Midwest. 

Does anyone have any ideas what is being spoken about here? This is my transcript of the relevant parts of the brief exhortation:

"Undoubtedly this is a matter that is familiar to many of you in regard to the present organization among the farmers along with the withholding power that they have and which has caused considerable disturbance. . . . Members should not be affiliated with any organization which practices or advocates destroying or withholding food or food supplies from the market. . . . The withholding of food and so forth and also the violence that is involved . . . members should not lend themselves."

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Thank you to those who replied. Turns out, it was indeed the National Farmers Organization.
I mentioned this puzzle to an older person in the church who grew up on a dairy farm in Minnesota. Without hesitation he said, "it was the National Farmers Organization. As a young boy I remember my dad sympathizing with the cause, but since they used physical intimidation and would do things like pour sand in milk trucks, my dad couldn't join in." A younger man who overheard our conversation remembered hearing similar stories from his grandfather in central Illinois.
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