Organizing on Campus During COVID19

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How many are organizing -- in individual and as part of groups -- around issues on campus re: teaching, ICE decision, and other labor concerns? What are the major issues.

I know LAWCHA is tracking issues regarding lay offs and furloughs. Are there otther efforts?

Might we have a discussion here -- in addition to other social media sites, for political and historical perspective?



Here's a petition that is circulating at my university.


Hello Dr. Waldron,

I'm at the University of Pittsburgh. Here is the statement from our organizing committee:

We're also planning two days of action for next week, to flood our University and elected officials in this region with emails, calls, and social media posts.

Nationally, AFL-CIO is hosting a webinar on Tuesday, at 4 PM EST:
"Fighting Back for International Student Workers"
Please join us for this webinar to talk about the latest attack on international students and the labor movement’s response. Union staff and activists from around the country will discuss what the new ICE guidance means for international student workers, what is happening with the legal challenge, and what else we can do together to push back against these xenophobic policies.

Here is the registration link:

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