Inaugural Issue of Groundings

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                      Announcing the Inaugural Issue of Groundings 
The Walter Rodney Foundation and Kennesaw State University are pleased to announce the launch of Groundings, an occasional e-publication guided by the work of the Foundation, the global social justice community and relevant world events. Walter Rodney (1942-1980) was a scholar, activist, historian, professor, politician and Pan-Africanist whose work in and about the Caribbean, Africa, the US and Europe has significance for the global community.
Groundings is aptly named after the term that Dr. Walter Rodney coined to describe his relationship with Rastafari in Jamaica in the 1960s. His speeches and dialogue with the community are encapsulated in Groundings with My Brothers, republished 2014 by the Walter Rodney Press.
Groundings aims to be the bridge between the work of the Foundation and the global social justice community, much like the experience of ‘grounding’ between Dr. Walter Rodney and Rastafarians in Jamaica acted as a bridge between scholar-activism and the community.Groundings is a now an ccessible e-vehicle for social understanding and change, and the publication seeks to serve in that capacity. Let us know what you think. We look forward to hearing from you and grounding together. Walter Rodney Lives!