Seeking Panelists for LAWCHA 2019 Durham NC - "Striking During War"

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"Striking During War"
My research centers on Kansas City strike activity of World War I, including a general strike.  I am a 5th year PhD candidate in sociology at the University of Missouri.
Labor radicalism often explodes after major wars, when returning soldiers expand the labor market, the economy slows down, and workers are tired of wartime sacrifice.  I am hoping to get other papers that deal with strikes that occur during war, not after.  Militancy typically begins to emerge during wars, so it would be interesting to look at wartime dynamics.  Strikes can be wildcat or endorsed by an institutional labor movement.
Examples of questions we'll want to address as applicable: How did the strike activity navigate the politics of the war economy? How did the war shift the landscape for political allies? How did the war shift opportunities and constraints on collective action by industry? What was the state interest and response? How were the employers advantaged or constrained by the war? Were appeals to international solidarity and anti-imperialism relevant?
Tie-ins to the conference theme of migration are appreciated.
I think it's preferable to limit our cases to Vietnam War and prior.
Please contact Jeff Stilley with paper ideas or questions --