Hagley Center Grants Awarded/Next Application Deadline June 30th

Carol Ressler Lockman Discussion

The Center for the History of Business, Technology, and Society, Hagley Museum and Library, Wilmington, Delaware is pleased to announce the recipients of grants and fellowships awarded in April 2023.  Please note that the next deadline for applications for the exploratory and Henry Belin du Pont Fellowship is June 30th. The H. B. du Pont Dissertation Fellowship deadline is November 15th.  Here is the link on Hagley Museum and Library’s website for further info and to apply…. https://www.hagley.org/research/grants-fellowships.


Exploratory Grant


Nicolas Allen

Ph.D. Candidate

SUNY at Stony Brook

A Voz do dono:  RCA-Victor in Brazil


Roland Betancourt


University of California, Irvine

A Plurality of Means:  Disneyland and the Aesthetics of Automation


Sam Bisco

AB Candidate

Princeton University

Evolution of the Cotton Gin Production


Espen Brandt


University of Oslo

International Trade Organization


Stephen Case


Olivet Nazarene University

Icons of the Idyllic:  Windpumps and the American Pastoral Ideal


Leo Garofalo

Associate Professor

Connecticut College

Afro-Andeans in a Black Pacific:  Afro-Pervian Sailors, Smugglers, & Shipbuiders in Spanish America & Transpacific


Katlin Harris

Ph.D. Candidate

University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Sounding Industrial Empires:  Welfare Capitalism, Sponsored Bands, and the Construction of Company


Stefka Hristova

Associate Professor

Michigan Technological University

Negating Visions:  Cultural Memory and Media Negatives


Rebecca Janzen

Associate Professor

University of South Carolina

Mining Religion Sites and Extractive Industries Across the Americas


Liz Kambas

Ph.D. Candidate

Indiana University

A Tale of Two Families:  The Lavoisiers, the du Ponts, and the Arsenal Laboratory


William Krause

Ph.D. Candidate

Vanderbilt University

Scientific Genius:  A Cultural and Intellectual History of the Idea in Modern America, 1880-1990


Elizabeth McCague

Ph.D. Candidate

University of Maryland, College Park

Equestrian Culture and Labor during the du Pont era at James Madison's Montpelier


Christopher Miller


The University of Glasgow

Independent Inventors to International Industries--The Birth and Development of the Modern Private Armaments Sector, 1860-1914


Fabienne Müller

Doctoral Researcher

University of Bremen

Neoliberal Idealogy in Trade Policy and Social Policy:  The Examples of NAFTA and Health Care Reform in the 1990s


Frances O'Shaughnessy

Ph.D. Candidate

University of Washington

Black Revolution on the Sea Islands:  Empire, Property, and the Emancipation of Humanity


Lauren Owens

Ph.D. Candidate

Florida State University

Managing Fertility and Reproductive Health in Eighteenth-Century France


Fabian Prieto-Ñañez

Assistant Professor

Virginia Tech

Infrastructures for Open Skies:  The Impact of US Domestic Satellites on Media Distribution in the Americas in the 1980s


Amy Sopcak-Joseph

Assistant Professor

Wilkes University

Fashioning American Women:  Godey's Lady's Book, Consumers, and Periodical Publishing in the Nineteenth Century


H. B. du Pont Fellowship


Peter Kovacs

Independent Scholar

Big Tobacco and American Broadcasting, 1923-1971


Jayita Sarkar

Senior Lecturer

University of Glasgow

Atomic Capitalism:  A Global History


Sydney Watts

Associate Professor

University of Richmond

The Channel Islands of Jersey and Guernsey:  Borderlands Migration in the Atlantic World, 1763-1815


Che Yeun

Ph.D. Candidate

Harvard University

Technologies of Cleanliness and Modern American Bodies, 1890-1970



Hagley Exploratory Research Grants

These grants support one-week visits by scholars who believe that their project will benefit from Hagley research collections, but need the opportunity to explore them on-site to determine if a Henry Belin du Pont Fellowship application is warranted. Priority will be given to junior scholars with innovative projects that seek to expand on existing scholarship. Applicants should reside more than 50 miles from Hagley, and the stipend is $400. Application deadlines: March 31, June 30 and October 31


Henry Belin du Pont Fellowships

These research grants enable scholars to pursue advanced research and study in the collections of the Hagley Library. They are awarded for the length of time needed to make use of Hagley collections for a specific project. The stipends are for a maximum of eight weeks and are pro-rated at $400/week for recipients who reside further than 50 miles from Hagley, and $200/week for those within 50 miles. Application deadlines: March 31, June 30 and October 31


Henry Belin du Pont Dissertation Fellowships

This fellowship is designed for graduate students who have completed all course work for the doctoral degree and are conducting research on their dissertation. Applications should demonstrate superior intellectual quality, present a persuasive methodology for the project, and show that there are significant research materials at Hagley pertinent to the dissertation. This is a residential fellowship with a term of four months. The fellowship provides $6,500, free housing on Hagley's grounds, mail and internet access, and an office. Application deadline: November 15


Carol Ressler Lockman

Manager, Hagley Center