Hate Strikes During WWII

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Does anyone know of any estimates for the number of "hate strikes" (specifically racially exclusive hate strikes) in the US during World War II, other than the National Association of Manufacturers study cited by Rosa Swafford in Wartime Records of Strikes and Lockouts and Andrew Kersten's estimates in Race, Jobs and the War? Any and all help will be greatly appreciated!

Charles Post

Graduate Center-City University of New York

Hi Charles,

Take a look at Glaberman's "Wartime Strikes" for some good information. He includes a detailed table of wildcat strikes from12/44 to 2/45 taken from "Reported Work Stoppages in Automobile Plants." Earlier in the same chapter he has another table of "Strikes and Lockouts in the United States" from 1916 to 1945," and for that he cites "Work Stoppages Caused by Labor-management Disputes in 1945," in Monthly Labor Review, May 1946, page 720.

Good luck!