CFP Italian Empire: Call for Papers for AAIS session, May 13-15, 2022

Shira Klein's picture

Ciao fellow Italianists! I'm putting together a session for the American Association for Italian Studies' annual conference (online portion: May 13-15, 2022), and welcome paper proposals.

Session title: Italy's Empire

Session organizer: Shira Klein, Associate Professor at Chapman University

Session description: The history of the Italian colonies was, for a long time, restricted to military and diplomatic historians. While the field has recently expanded to the province of social and cultural historians as well as literature, art, and film scholars, it has still received “far too little attention,” as Ruth Ben Ghiat and Mia Fuller stated in their recent volume Italian Colonialism. This panel calls for papers on new research pertaining to Italy’s empire. My paper examines encounters between Italian and Libyan Jews in Benghazi.

Please send proposals to (title, 150-200 word abstract, and short bio) to Shira Klein by January 31, 2022.