Journal of Italian Cinema & Media Studies Issue 8.2 TOC

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Intellect is pleased to announce that Journal of Italian Cinema & Media Studies 8.2 is out now. 


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Aims & Scope


Journal of Italian Cinema & Media Studies is a fully peer-reviewed, English-language journal, which explores Italian cinema and media as sites of crossing, allowing critical discussion of the work of filmmakers, artists in the film industry and media professionals. The journal intends to revive a critical discussion on the auteurs, celebrate new directors and accented cinema and examine Italy as a geo-cultural locus for contemporary debate on translocal cinema.


Issue 8.2




On difference and repetition in cinematic adaptation: Bertolucci’s Before the Revolution and Stendhal’s The Charterhouse of Parma

Raji Vallury


Italian LGBTQ representation in transnational television

Julia Heim


Naples for urban voy(ag)eurs: Tourism and the representation of space in Gomorrah and My Brilliant Friend

Alfio Leotta


LGBTQ+ female protagonists in horror cinema today: The Italian case

Lauren De Camilla


Of shame and humiliation in Ladri di biciclette: ‘Ciccio formaggio’ and ‘Tammurriata nera’

Joseph Francese


From a cross-cultural research to a film cross-analysis of Italian and American cultural generalizations and stereotypes: My Name is Tanino and Under the Tuscan Sun

Giovanni Ciofalo


Gender and media studies in Italy: The GEMMA research programme


Milly Buonanno, Franca Faccioli, Paola Panarese, Francesca Comunello, Giovanni Ciofalo, Silvia Leonzi, Mihaela Gavrila, Anna Lucia Natale and Francesca Ieracitano


Artist’s Corner


Del rammendo e altre visioni (Darning and other visions)

Emanuela Piovano


Book Reviews


Il desiderio del cinema: Ferdinando Maria Poggioli, Angela Bianca Saponari (2017)

Michael Syrimis


Straniere a se stesse: Identità femminili e stilistica visuale nel cinema di Michelangelo Antonioni degli anni cinquanta, Andrea Malaguti (2018)

Federico Zecca


Migrant Anxieties: Italian Cinema in a Transnational Frame, Áine O’Healy (2019)

Vetri Nathan


Italian Ecocinema: Beyond the Human, New Directions in National Cinemas, Elena Past (2019)

Pasquale Verdicchio




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