CFP (Conference Panel): AAIS AATI 2020, Visual Culture in Postwar Italy (paper proposals due 12/1/19)

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AAIS AATI 2020 CFP (Conference Panel): VISUAL CULTURE IN POSTWAR ITALY (Mar. 26–29, University of Arizona)

Chairs: Tenley Bick ( and, Jonathan Mullins ( and Joseph Perna (

Submission Deadline: Sunday, December 1, 2019. 

This panel seeks to understand the status of visual culture in postwar Italy, from reconstruction through the anni di piombo. We solicit interventions that situate visual culture as a historical problem in postwar Italy as an array of contextual and technological shifts coincided, yielding innovations in public and commercial mass media, experimental and avant-garde aesthetics, the increasing prominence of design, and changing material conditions that put still- and moving-image technology in the hands of amateurs and consumers. 

We also wish to assess how visual culture comprises a discursive opportunity for interdisciplinary scholarship, in order to rethink some of the longstanding oppositions that have typified studies of modern Italy: the logics of high and low culture, realism and abstraction, what Eco called “apocalittici e integrati,” or that of distinct periodization. 

Please send a 200-250 word abstract and a 50-100 word biography to the organizers, Tenley Bick ( and, Jonathan Mullins ( and Joseph Perna ( by December 1, 2019. 

Please note the following guidelines for prospective speakers:  

  • Graduate students are encouraged to submit proposals ONLY if they are ABD and have already embarked on the writing of their dissertations. They are asked to submit to session organizers a brief statement from their advisor affirming their ABD status.
  • All participants in a session or roundtable must be AAIS or AATI members by February 15, 2020. Sessions including non-members will not be included in the program.