Call for Submissions: Spunti e Ricerche (Deadline: February 2015)

Ida Federica Pugliese Discussion

The Editorial Committee of Spunti e Ricerche, a refereed journal of Italian Studies, invites submissions for volume 30 (2015) that address the theme of memory in Italian culture and history.

It is intended that memory be interpreted broadly, thus it could include (but is not confined to) such topics as:

  • Representations of the past in Italian literature and art
  • Collective memory, oral history, marginalised voices
  • Genres and narrative voices dealing with the past (autobiography, biography, propaganda)
  • Differing interpretations of a past event, differing representations of a fictitious or historical figure
  • Official and unofficial commemorations of the past
  • Manipulation of memory: suppression and censorship
  • The loss and retrieval of memory
  • The application of psychoanalytical and neuroscientific theories in retrieving the past

Articles will be subject to external review and may be written in English or Italian. Contributions should be submitted to the Spunti e Ricerche website in their final version, using the latest MLA format with end notes and a list of works cited. The deadline for submissions is February 2015.

Articles (on any aspect of Italian culture) are still being accepted for volume 29 (2014) and should also be submitted to the Spunti e Ricerche website by the end of July. Please note we only consider completed and original articles that have not been submitted simultaneously to other journals.

For more information, please contact the editorial committee.