CFP: AATI Palermo 2017 "Sicily at the Crossroad of the Mediterranean" (Deadline extended March 1st)

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AATI (American Association of Teachers of Italian)

 International Conference Abroad

Università di Palermo- June 28-July 2, 2017



Sicily at the Crossroad of the Mediterranean World. (Deadline extended March 1st)


Sicily and the Mediterranean (2015) edited by C. Karagoz and G. Summerfield reminds us that through centuries the unique position and complex history of Sicily have made it the converging point of multiple political, historical, linguistic, artistic, and literary traditions that have shaped, and are still shaping, the notion of the Mediterranean context. Contemporary trajectories of global mobilities have also identified new relations between Sicily and the Mediterranean space demonstrating that the island continues to be “the springboard for the interaction, development, and dissemination of diverse cultures” at the heart of a broad Mediterranean tradition (Karagoz & Summerfield 1, 2015).

Keeping in mind the porosity and fluidity of both the Sicilian and Mediterranean space, this panel aims to bring to light old and new interrelations between the island and other cultures/civilizations within the Mediterranean basin. We welcome contributions in English or Italian that engage with different time periods, adopt interdisciplinary perspectives (theoretical, historical, geopolitical, literary, artistic, linguistic, cinematic, gastronomic), explore common legacies, or discuss reciprocal influences between Sicily and the broad Mediterranean world. Possible questions to be addressed may include, but are not limited to:  How Sicily and the Mediterranean world have mutually influenced each other? How have authors or texts coming from various Mediterranean cultures enriched Sicilian literary traditions? What is the legacy of Sicilian writers, intellectuals, and artists, across the Mediterranean?


Please send a 250-300 word proposal in English or Italian and a short biography by March 1st 2017 to Arianna Fognani,  or  Marino Forlino,