UCU Teach Out at Liverpool with Alesandra Ferrini: 'Gaddafi in Rome' #ucuRISING

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The UCU and Guild of Students at Liverpool will welcome Alessandra Ferrini for a screening of her essay film Gaddafi in Rome: Notes for a Film recipient of the 2022 Maxxi Bulgari Prize for Contemporary Italian Art. The screening will be followed by a Q&A and introduced by Dr Barbara Spadaro as part of this series of Teach-Outs in support of the UCU Industrial Action in the UK.

Alessandra Ferrini is a London-based artist, researcher, and educator whose artistic practice and research explores the history of Italy in relation to the phenomenon of colonialism and migration. She is the recipient of the Maxxi Bvlgari Prize 2022 of the 2017 London Film Festival’s Experimenta Pitch Award and the 2018 Mead Residency at the British School at Rome. She is an AHRC-funded PhD candidate at the University of the Arts London and Research Fellow at the British School at Rome.

Gaddafi in Rome is an ‘essay film’ that attempts to uncover the overlooked connections between Italy’s colonial history and the contemporary geopolitical reality, particularly in relation to migration policy in the Mediterranean. 

In her own words: "My practice is rooted in lens-based media, (post)colonial and critical whiteness studies, historiographical and archival practices. I am interested in the way historical narratives are produced and how their implied ideologies create subjects - be they individuals or societies. From the position of both insider and outsider to the Italian context, I investigate the Italian archive of coloniality, its foreign and racial politics. Experimenting with the expansion and hybridization of the documentary film, through a positioned and self-reflexive approach my work engages with ‘difficult heritage’, practices of resistance to systemic violence and of historical responsibility. Framed by the device of the ‘essayistic’, intended as a ‘thinking mode’ retaining the structuring elements of the essay within an expanded field, my practice spans across moving image, installation and dialogic formats, as well as writing, publishing, and education." More info can be found on her website: https://www.alessandraferrini.info/ 

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Venue : Gilmour Room, Guild Building

Type: Campaigns, Democracy or Student Voice, Guild

Start Date: Wednesday 30-11-2022 - 11:30

End Date: Wednesday 30-11-2022 - 13:00