Monuments, Memorials, and Italian Migrations

Laura E. Ruberto Discussion

The special issue of the Italian American Review, on the topic of monuments, memorials, and Italian migrations, edited by Laura E. Ruberto and Joseph Sciorra has recently been published.

The special issue is concerned with the wide and complex history of monuments and memorials and their relationships to Italian mobilities. Italy’s multifaceted and diverse migration histories and the fundamental involvement of Italian and Italian diasporic craftspeople and communities in the creation of commemorative spaces offer an excellent opportunity to decenter monument studies from a national focus to a more transnational perspective.

Here below is the Table of Contents.

  • Disrupted and Unsettled: An Introduction to Monuments, Memorials, and Italian Migrations by Laura E. Ruberto and Joseph Sciorra
  • “Hero of Two Worlds”: The Equestrian Monument to Giuseppe Garibaldi in Buenos Aires, Argentina by Heather Sottong
  • Places of Memory and Struggles for Identities: Ernesto Verrucci's 1938 Monument to Khedive Ismail in Alexandria, Egypt by Stefano Giannini
  • “Mussolini's Column”: Fascist Memorials and the Politics of Italian American Identity in Chicago by Fraser Ottanelli
  • Memorials and the Mine Disaster in Monongah, West Virginia: From Trauma to an Italian Global Memoryscape by Joan Saverino

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