Webinar - "Painting in Early Modern Baghdad" - NYU, Silsila: Center for Material Histories - 27 October

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New York University, Silsila: Center for Material Histories


Melis Taner, Özyeğin University

Wednesday, October 27th, 12:30pm ET
[Webinar] Silsila Fall 2021 Lecture Series

This talk focuses on the rise and fall of a vibrant yet short-lived art market in early modern Baghdad. From the final decade of the sixteenth to the first few years of the seventeenth century, a period of relative peace, there arose a lively art market – as witnessed by over thirty illustrated manuscripts and sundry single-page paintings, most of which show a stylistic coherence. The paintings appear to draw on elements from Ottoman, Safavid, and Indian paintings. This talk will try to contextualize this corpus of works that appeared in the frontier province of Baghdad.

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