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Submitted by Margaret Graves

Dear Colleagues,
For those who haven't yet seen it, please take a look at the current issue of The Art Bulletin (103:3, Sept 2021), which includes Alexander Brey's excellent article on jigsaw masonry, ornament, and Umayyad world-making, "Fragmentation and Reassembly: Decoration, Technique, and Meaning at an Early Islamic Platform" (pp. 17-41), as well as Angela VanHaelen's "Strange Things for Strangers: Transcultural Automata in Early Modern Amsterdam" (pp. 42-68), including the works of al-Jazari and the Banu Musa.
Please continue to consider The Art Bulletin as a potential venue for your research on the art and architecture of the Islamic world. (Link here for information regarding submission process:
Best regards,
Margaret Graves
Associate Professor, Islamic Art and Architecture
Art History, Indiana University
Editorial Board member, The Art Bulletin, 2019-2023