Online Conference - Courtly Encounters: Medieval and Early Modern Spaces & Places (The Open University) - 9-11 June 2021

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Courtly Encounters

OU Medieval and Early Modern Spaces & Places conference, 9-11 June 2021

9 June 2021 17:00-18:00

Keynote Lecture

Chair: Helen Coffey (The Open University)


Katherine Butler-Schofield (King’s College London)

‘Something Borrowed, Something New: Appropriation and Integration in Mughal Courtly Arts, 1580–1680’


10 June 2021

12:50 Introduction (Helen Coffey and Leah Clark)


Exchanges and Images I

13:00   Jacopo Gnisci (University College London/British Museum)

‘The Veiled Emperor: On Courtly Customs in Ethiopia’


13:30   Rachel Carlisle (Florida State University)

‘Maximilian on the Move: Imperial Architecture and Courtly Spectacle in Print’


14:00 Break


Exchanges and Images II

14:15 Stefan Gasch (University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna)

What’s in a Book? Music, Miniatures, and Meaning in Wolfenbüttel Cod. Guelf. A Aug. 2°’


14:45 Rebecca Teresi (Johns Hopkins University)

‘A Gift Between Queens: Portraiture and Devotional Politics in Anglo-Spanish Relations, 1604-1606’


15:15 Break


Exchanges and Objects

15:30  Juan Chiva Beltrán (Universitat de València)

‘A Palace Between Asia and Europe: Luxury Objects in the Court of the Viceroys of New Spain’


16:00   Isabella Cecchini and Veronica Prestini (Ca’ Foscari University of Venice)

‘Accepting Ottomans in Florence: Spaces and Objects at the Medici’s Court (15th-17th centuries)’


16:30   Closing Discussion


17:00   End



11 June 2021


Exchanges and Urban Culture

13:00   C. Cody Barteet (The University of Western Ontario)

‘The Maya Court at Mayapán: Gaspar Antonio Chi’s Colonial Reflections and Self-Representation’


13:30   Alessandra Bertuzzi (“Sapienza” University of Rome),

‘Urbino “Città in forma di Palazzo” Spaces and Identity between Arts and Science ‘


14:00 Break


European Exchanges

14:15   M.A. Katritzky (The Open University)

‘Italian stage costumes at German court weddings’


14:45   Jaroslaw Pietrzak (Pedagogical University in Krakow), ‘The Polish Royal Court as a Common Space of Polish-German-Italian and French encountering between 16th and 17th century’


15:15 Break


Exchanges in Tudor England


15:30   Jonathan Gibson (The Open University)

‘French Poetry and the Elizabethan Court’


16:00   Alexandra Siso (University of Colorado Boulder)

Building Early Modern Tabernacles: Elizabethan Composers and the Fashioning of Sacred Courts


16:30   Michael Ohajuru (Institute of Commonwealth Studies)

‘The John Blanke Project: Imagine the black Tudor trumpeter’


17:00   Closing Discussion


17:30   Online drinks reception (bring your own bottle)


18:00   Close