NEW BOOK ANNOUNCEMENT: Mekka and Medina Illustrations: from 15th to 20th Century, Mehmet Tütüncü

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Mekka and Medina Maps and Illustrations: from 15th to 20th Century

Mehmet Tütüncü with contributions from Atef Alshehri (Medina-Riyadh), Ahmed Ameen (Fayoum University -Egypt) and İbrahim Yılmaz (Erzurum).
30x30 cm, hardcover luxurious paper and print total 182 pages
ISBN 978-90-6921-022-3

INTRODUCTION Drawings and images of Islam’s holiest places, the Kaaba and the city of Mecca, alongside Medina with the Mosque of the Prophet, have been very popular over the centuries. These images have been used for various purposes and had also been executed for these purposes (drawn, sketched, coloured, incised, stencilled, cut, knitted, printed or even built) on or using a variety of materials, such as stone, ceramics, paper, textiles, wood, marble/tiles (in the form of frescoes), etc. This book is a publication and description mostly for the first time of nine key objects representing mecca and Medina. The book describes and analyses the contents from these images and its relevance to the buildings, history and topography of the holy cities of Islam.

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Introduction / ا5

Categories of Holy Site Images 10

Chapter I [en, tr] First Western Illustrations of Mecca and Medina Mainz 1486, Breydenbach Panoramic Map 13 Augsburg 1517, Vartema and Martin Waldseemüller 14 Antwerpen 1672, Mecha in Arabien 15

Chapter 2 [en, tr, ar] Medina-Istanbul 1540, Topkapi Scroll 19

Chapter 3 [en, tr] Berlin 1707-1709, Miniatures 67

Chapter 4 [en, tr] Uppsala 1713, Mecca Painting 75

Chapter 5 [en, tr] Utrecht 1717, Engraving of Adrian Reland 113

Chapter 6 [en, tr] Shumen 1757, Sharif Halil Pasha Mosque 120

Chapter 7 [en, tr] Copenhagen 1784, Manuscript of Baron d’Aurange 126

Chapter 8 [en, tr] Paris 1787, Engraving of Muradgea D’Ohsson 132

Chapter 9 [en, tr] Medina, 1849-1861, Paintings in Masjid al-Nabawi 138

Chapter 10 [en, tr] London 1907-1908, Early Photography of Mecca and Medina The lens of Mirza 143