New Digital Resources for Teaching Islamic Art and Architecture: “Khamseen: Islamic Art History Online”

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Submitted By Christiane Gruber


Dear colleagues,

“Khamseen: Islamic Art History Online” is an emerging platform of digital resources to aid the teaching of the history of Islamic art and architecture. In its initial stage, the platform provides original multimedia content developed by scholars from across the field of Islamic art, which is intended to aid educators in the creation of an interactive learning environment and to contribute to new ways of teaching in general, bringing new voices, perspectives, and materials into our classrooms. The project is spearheaded by Prof. Christiane Gruber at the University of Michigan and a team of six collaborators. Team Khamseen will make this material available to public audiences, with the aim to establish and expand a website with additional resources over the coming months.


Currently available mini-multimedia files include the following presentations, which were kindly (and very swiftly) provided by international experts. We hope these will prove useful to those teaching remotely this fall semester:


Blessing, Patricia

Water and Sound in Islamic Architecture


Brey, Alexander

Al-Walid's Baths Qusayr Amra


Bowker, Sam

The Egyptian Tentmakers and the Art of Khayamiya


Dimmig, Ashley

Islamic Art at the Walters Art Museum


Fetvacı, Emine

Ottoman Illustrated Histories


Gencer, Yasemin.

İbrahim Müteferrika and the First Printed Books of the Islamic World


Göloğlu, Sabiha

Touching Mecca & Medina: The Dalā'il al-Khayrāt and Devotional Practices


Gruber, Christiane and Paroma Chaterjee

Hagia Sophia, A Conversation

[available online with closed captions here]


Gruber, Christiane

A Safavid Painting of the Prophet Muhammad's Mi‘raj 

[available online with closed captions here]


Habibi, Negar

Persian Painting in the Second Half of the Seventeenth Century: Farangi Sâzi Safavid Paintings


Kana‘an, Ruba.

The Bobrinski Bucket


Mostafa, Heba

Dome of the Rock: Original Mosaics


Neumeier, Emily

The Paintings of Osman Hamdi Bey


O'Kane, Bernard

The Khanqah of Baybar al-Jashinkir, 1306-1310


Parikh, Rachel

Islamic Arms and Armor: A Look at Dhu'l Fiqar, ‘Ali's Miraculous Sword


Pruitt, Jennifer

The Al-Aqmar Mosque


Sardar, Marika

A Samanid Epigraphic Dish


Sardar, Marika

The Gwalior Qur'an


Seggerman, Alex Dika.

Mahmoud Mukhtar’s Khamasin: Scuplture in Modern Egypt   


Steinberg, Amanda Hannoosh

The Stuart Cary Welch Islamic & South Asian Photograph Collection


Taner, Melis

Contextualizing the Hünername (Book of Talents)


Wolf, Olivia

Monumental Mosques in Latin America


Khamseen is an ongoing project and more material will be included on a rolling basis. For any questions, or if you are interested in contributing a mini multi-media file, please contact Sandy Williams (University of Michigan) at



Team Khamseen


Christiane Gruber

Sandy Williams

Yasemin Gencer

Mira Xenia Schwerda

Bihter Esener

Michelle Al-Ferzly

Ani Kalousdian