CFP:  86th Annual Meeting of the Society for American Archaeology (SAA), Islamic Archaeology

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Dear colleagues,


This email is a call for papers for a symposium session at the 86th Annual Meeting of the Society for American Archaeology (SAA), scheduled to take place in San Francisco, CA from April 14-18, 2021. This session is accepting proposals from any and all topics and work throughout the field of Islamic Archaeology.

Below are the title and the abstract of the session:


Identity, Interpretation, and Innovation: The Worlds of Islamic Archaeology

This session seeks to bring together Islamic archaeologists to discuss current research approaches, questions, and topics throughout the field. By addressing a large variety of topics and work, we aim not only to connect scholars working in seemingly disparate geographical areas and periods, but also to deepen our perception of the nature of Islamic archaeology, and its potential for future research. We welcome papers that approach any aspect of Islamic archaeology from a variety of perspectives and methodologies.  

If you or any colleagues who may not be included in this email have any interest participating in this session, please let Ann Merkle (  know as soon as possible. Proposals for the conference are due by September 10th2pm EST





Ann Merkle

PhD candidate

Washington University in St. Louis, MO



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