New Publication: Medieval Monuments of Central Asia, Qarakhanid Architecture of the 11th and 12th centuries, Richard Piran McClary

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I am excited to announce that my new monograph on Qarakhanid architecture has just been published by Edinburgh University Press:

Richard Piran McClary, The Medieval Monuments of Central Asia, Qarakhanid Architecture of the 11th and 12th Centuries, Edinburgh University Press, 2020. 344 pages, 184 colour illustrations, ISBN 9781474423977

This is the first comprehensive study of the surviving monuments of the Qarakhanids – an important yet little-known medieval dynasty that ruled much of Central Asia between the late 10th and early 13th centuries. Based on extensive fieldwork and many hard-to-find Russian sources, the book places the surviving monuments into the wider cultural context of the region. Many photographs and new ground-plans are included, as well as detailed studies of individual monuments and the wider architectural aesthetic. These monuments serve as the link between the mostly lost Samanid architecture and the far larger and better-known monuments of the Timurids.

The contents are as follows:


CHAPTER 1 Antecedent Structures in the Region

CHAPTER 2 The Earliest Intact Tomb: Shah Fazl at Safid Buland

CHAPTER 3 The Development of a Style: Three Tombs at Uzgend

CHAPTER 4 Bukhara: A Study of Three Structures

CHAPTER 5 Minarets of the Qarakhanids

CHAPTER 6 The Qarakhanid Aesthetic: Structural Methods and Decoration

CHAPTER 7 Epigraphic Styles: The Numismatic and Architectural Evidence

CHAPTER 8 Urban Developments under the Qarakhanids: The Archaeological and Textual Evidence