Exhibition - Harmony of Line and Colour - The Sadberk Hanim Museum Collection, Istanbul. 25 April-22 December 2019,

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Submitted by Aslihan Erkmen


Harmony of Line and Colour. Illuminated Manuscripts, Documents, and Calligraphy in the Sadberk Hanim Museum Collection (25 April-22 December 2019, Istanbul) 


Harmony of Line and Colour is a major exhibition devoted entirely to the arts of the book and calligraphy in the Islamic World. The exhibition which commemorates the 50th anniversary of the Vehbi Koç Foundation in 2019 by exhibiting selected examples of the museum’s collection. 




The exhibition presents rare Quran manuscripts, prayer books, calligraphic works, documents such as imperial edicts, warrants, and berat endowment deeds, Hilye-i Serif panels by renowned Ottoman calligraphers, as well as rare Sufi panels and calligraphers’ diplomas, a total of 362 works from almost a thousand pieces in Sadberk Hanim Museum Collection.  


Prof. Zeren Tanindi, emeritus professor of art history and an authority on the arts of the book, examined each of the works in Sadberk Hanim Museum’s extensive collection where she prepared a two-volume book on the mostly unpublished works, as well as the exhibition catalogue with selected pieces.