Islamic Art Circle lecture - Islamic Architecture of Khurasan during the pre-Mongol period (10th-13th cent.), Lorenz Korn, April 24

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Submitted by Rosalind Wade Haddon


Islamic Art Circle at SOAS, London University

April 24, 2019. 7:00 pm

The Khalili Lecture Theatre, SOAS


The Islamic Art Circle at SOAS is delighted to announce that our April lecture will be given by Professor Lorenz Korn (Islamic Art and Archaeology, University of Bamberg, Germany) on Wednesday, 24th April at 7.00 pm in the Khalili Lecture Theatre, L/G Phillips Building, SOAS, London University, WC1H 0XG – all welcome. Enquiries to Rosalind Wade Haddon:


Professor Korn’s topic is: Islamic Architecture of Khurasan during the pre-Mongol period (10th-13th cent.) and will cover the following:


Khurasan, the eastern province of the caliphate was more than once a region from which political movements and cultural currents originated that shaped the Islamic world at large. Similarly, for the field of Islamic art and architecture, monuments of Khurasan have been viewed as important evidence of innovation, even if they are very unevenly preserved and the urban centres of Nishapur, Marv, Balkh and Herat offer diverging pictures with regard to material from the pre-Mongol period. Looking at mosques, madrasas, minarets and mausolea, the paper characterizes the religious architecture of Khurasan, asking how architectural forms were related to functions. With glances at neighbouring regions, it attempts to determine the position of Khurasan between traditions of Central Asia and developments in Iraq and Western Iran, and to highlight elements that are indicative of artistic exchange between these regions.