Lecture series - Oxford 2019 Slade Lectures 'Islam and Image: Beyond Aniconism and Iconoclasm', Finbarr Barry Flood

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From: Francesca Issatt <vrc@hoa.ox.ac.uk>
Date: 4 January 2019
This year the University of Oxford 2019 Slade Professor is Finbarr Barry Flood, Director, Silsila: Center for Material Histories, New York University.  He will be speaking on ‘Islam and Image: Beyond Aniconism and Iconoclasm’.
Wednesdays 5pm, Mathematical Institute, Andrew Wiles Building, Radcliffe Observatory Quarter, Woodstock Road OX2 6GG
16 January The Making of an Image Problem
23 January Mimesis and Magic: The Lives of Images Revisited
30 January Regulating the Gaze in the Medieval Mosque
06 February Economies of Imaging: Bowls, Baths and Bazaars
13 February Grammars of Defacement: Censure and Redemption
20 February Figuring for Piety: Strategies of Negotiation (Followed by a drinks reception)
27 February Statue Histories: Iconoclasm as Anti-Colonialism
06 March Beyond Enlightenment? Towards a Conclusion (Followed by questions and a discussion)