Announcement - Workshop: Understanding the Book Structure and Binding of Islamic Manuscripts (Aga Khan Museum, 16-19 October 2018)

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Model making and conservation issues
A 4-day workshop presented by Dr. Karin Scheper at the Aga Khan Museum, Toronto, Canada
October 16th- 19th, 2018
Books from the Islamic World have been admired for their content and their beauty but have not always been valued as artifacts. The aim of this workshop is for the participants to gain a new understanding of the bookbinding techniques and materials used in the Islamic World. This will help participants with developing conservation strategies and preparing such bindings for exhibition. 
The workshop will consist of theoretical (interactive) and practical components. During the training, the participants will make a model of a bound manuscript while practicing the original techniques of sewing, lining, endbanding and covering. Several other topics such as ‘agents of damage’ and ‘conservation terminology and documentation issues’ will be discussed along the way. 
This workshop is aimed towards national and international conservators who are familiar with manuscripts collections and have some experience with preservation/conservation issues. Conservators from Institutions such as Canadian Conservation Institute (CCI), Stanford University Libraries, Colombia University Libraries, and Museum of Fine Arts in Boston are amongst the participants in this workshop. 
Dr. Karin Scheper is specialised in the conservation of manuscripts from the Arabic and Malay collections at the University Library of Leiden, Netherlands. Dr. Scheper has a tremendous experience teaching various conservation topics, presenting lectures and organizing training programmes/workshops in the field of manuscripts in places such as Cairo, Doha, Istanbul, Beirut, Kuala Lumpur and Amman.