Conference and Workshop - Stucco Revetment in Iranian Architecture of the Islamic Period with a Focus on Seljuk and Ilkhanid Dynasties (April 22-23, Kashan)

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From: Maryam Moeini <>
Date: April 7, 2017
with a Focus on Seljuk and Ilkhanid Dynasties (April 22-23, Kashan)
Conference and Workshop at the University of Kashan’s Department of Archaeology in collaboration with Otto Friedrich University, Bamberg, Germany. April 22-23, 2017.
In collaboration with Kashan Department of Cultural Heritage Handicrafts and Tourism Organization and supported by the Bumiller Art Foundation (Liechtenstein)
Venue: Auditorium of University of Kashan; Address: Ghotb-e Ravandi BLvd., Kashan State University, School of Architecture and Art Department of Archaeology
Conference Subject:
This conference is dedicated to current research of Islamic Stucco Revetments in Iran. The research presented in the conference covers numerous aspects of Stucco Revetment studies: Archaeometric, calligraphic, epigraphic, ornamental, craftsmanship and artistic techniques and aesthetics. The conference includes practical study workshops of traditional stucco revetment production techniques led by masters of stucco craftsmanship and visits to museum collections in Kashan.  
Working Language: Farsi. All papers are going to be delivered and all discussions are going to be conducted in Farsi.
For conference attendance registration and further information, contact:
Convened by Dr. Majid Montazer Zohuri (University of Kashan) and Maryam Moeini (University of Bamberg) in the context of international collaboration between the University of Kashan, Iranian Cultural Heritage Handicrafts and Tourism Organization, University of Bamberg and the Bumiller Art Foundation.
For more information about this project and the workshop’s concept, see the following web page:
Saturday, April 22, 2017
09.05 Welcome by the President of Kashan University, Dr. Abbas Zeraat
09.20 Welcome by the President of the Kashan Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization, Dr. Mohsen Javeri
9.30 Discussion of objectives and ways of cooperation between the academics and academic institutions, Dr. Majid Montazer Zohuri (University of Kashan) and Ms. Maryam Moeini (University of Bamberg)
10.05 SESSION ONE: University of Kashan Panel
Session chair: Dr. Leyla Makvandi (University of Kashan)
10.05 Dr. Reza Nouri Shadmahani (University of Kashan) - Archaeological Research of the Stucco Revetment in the Emamzade Ghasem in Qom
10.30 Tea Break
11.00 SESSION TWO: Technical and Archeometric Research of Stucco Revetments
Session chair: Ms. Zohreh Monzavi (University of Bamberg)
11.00 Dr. Amir Hossein Karimy (University of Isfahan) Archeometric Knowledge for Historical Investigation of Stucco Revetments in the Mausoleum of Pir-e Hamza Sabzpoush in Abarkuh
11.30 Dr. Yaser Hamzavi (University of Tabriz) - Comparative Study of Stucco Revetments from Ilkhanid and Timurid Phases in the City of Yazd Focusing on Artistic Techniques. Case studies of: the Mausoleum of Seyid Rukn al-Din and the Mausoleum of Setti Fateme
12.00 Dr. Kaveh Mansuri (University of Isfahan) - Research and Historical Analysis of Artistic Interventions on Architectural Decorative Surfaces of the Friday mosque of Forumad
12.30 Mr. Behnoud Goharbin (University of Tehran) – Seljuk Stucco Revetments (Khorezmshah) of the Friday mosque of Forumad
13.00 Lunch break
13.30 SESSION THREE: Pigments and Colours in Stucco Revetments
Session chair: Dr. Javad Hosseinzadeh (University of Kashan)
14.30 Dr. Mozhgan Khanmuradi (University of Tehran) Research of Polychromy of the Stuccos Recovered from the Fortress of Yazdgird
15.00 Dr. Parviz Holakooei (University of Isfahan) – Research of Artistic and Polychrome Aspects of Wall Paintings and Stucco Revetments Recovered During the Excavations of the Metropolitan Museum of New York in Nishapur
15.30 Ms. Ana Marija Grbanovic (University of Bamberg) - Some Considerations Regarding the Study Approaches to Polychrome Aesthetics of the Stucco Revetments: The Case of Pir-e Bakran Mausoleum
16.00 Tea Break
16.30 SESSION FOUR: Craftsmen of Stucco Revetments
Session Chair: Mr. Hassan Ghader (University of Isfahan)
16.30 Dr. Morteza Motififard (Craftsmen of Stucco Revetments) Artistic and Craftsmanship Techniques and Variety of Aesthetics of Stucco Revetments and Their Use
16.30 Final Discussion of Delivered Papers
17.00 Conclusion of the first day of paper presentations and group visit of the mihrab in the Friday mosque of Kashan
20.00 Dinner in the Fin Gardens
Sunday, April 23, 2017
09.10 SESSION FIVE: Stucco Revetments Design and Ornamentation
Session chair: Dr. Isa Esfanjari (University of Isfahan)
09.10 Prof.Dr. Lorenz Korn (University of Bamberg) – Design and Motives in Islamic Stucco Revetments and Methods of Stylistic Comparison
09.30 Ms. Elaheh Khakbaz Alvandiyan (University of Isfahan) – Ornamental Iconography of the Mausoleum of Sayid Rukh al-Din (Madrese Rokhniye) Yazd: an Artistic and Architectural Masterpiece of the Mozaffarid Period
10.10 Dr. Bahareh Taghavinezhad (University of Isfahan) Importance and Meaning of Geometric Decorations of the Mihrab in 12-14th centuries
10.30 Ms. Masoumeh Aghei (University of Elm o Farhang) Geometrical Order of the Ornamentation in Stucco Brick Plugs of the Ilkhanid Period
11.10 Tea Break
11.30 SESSION SIX: Stucco Craftsmanship
Session chair: Dr. Reza Nouri Shadmahani (University of Kashan)
11.30 Mr. Master Craftsman Hassan Razavi (Stucco Craftsmanship) Masterpieces of Iranian Traditional Stucco Revetments in World Architecture – the Oljeitu Mihrab
12.30 Discussion
13.10 Lunch Break
14.30 SESSION SEVEN: Calligraphic Styles and Inscriptions
Session chair: Dr. Hamid Reza Ghelichkhani (University of Delhi)
14.30 Dr. Mahdi Makinejad (Farhangestan- e Honar) Function and Aesthetics of Stucco and Calligraphy
15.00 Mr. Hassan Ghader (University of Isfahan) – Relation Between Dated Kufic and Thuluth Scripts in Stucco Inscriptions between 11th and 14th centuries
15.30 Tea Break
15.45 Continuation of Session Seven: Calligraphic Styles and Inscriptions
Session chair: Dr. Majid Montazer Zohuri (University of Kashan)
15.45 Ms. Atefeh Shekofteh (University of Isfahan) – Relation Between Forms of Calligraphic Inscriptions in Ornamentations from the Ilkhanid Period and their Location in Architectural Spaces
16.15 Mr. Amir Farid (University of Tehran) Critical Analysis of Stucco mihrab of the Malek mosque in Zuzan.
16.45 Tea Break
17.15 SESSION EIGHT: Emamzadeh Abdullah-e Kudzar, Arak
Session chair: Dr. Mohsen Javeri (University of Kashan)
17.15 Ms. Maryam Moeini (University of Bamberg) Approximate Dating of the structure and Determination of Chronology of Artistic Interventions with a Focus on Stucco Revetments and Mihrab Inscriptions
17.45 Discussion and Conversation with Mr. Hassan Ghader, Restorer, Calligrapher and Epigraphist, Ms. Mojdeh Ali Mohammadi, Restorer, Monuments Documentation Team Member, Mr. Behnud Goharbin, Restorer,  Architectural Ornamentation Expert.
18.15 Concluding Remarks
18.30 Visit to the National Museum of Kashan with a focus on Islamic period, Arts of the Book and Calligraphy