Eva Baer (1920–2017)

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From: Hana Taragan <taragan@post.tau.ac.il>
Date: January 9, 2017

Sad News: Death of Prof. Eva Baer

Dear Colleagues,

Eva Baer, Professor Emerita of the Department of Art History, Islamic Art Division, at Tel Aviv University, passed away yesterday in Jerusalem.

Prof Baer, a great and empowering researcher and former student of Richard Ettinghausen, was one of the founders of the Islamic Art discipline in Israeli academe.

She trained and inspired generations of undergraduate and graduate students at Tel Aviv University to become researchers who followed in her footsteps and became involved in the study and endeavor of Islamic art and architecture throughout the world.

Among her published works are Sphinxes and Harpies in Medieval Islamic Art, Metalwork in Medieval Islamic Art, Ayyubid Metalwork with Christian Images, The Human Figure in Islamic Art, Islamic Ornaments, and dozens of articles that were an inspiration for the discipline’s researchers. In her groundbreaking studies on metalwork she laid the foundations for the development of the object and its implications.

Eva Baer will be laid to rest in Jerusalem on Tuesday at the side of her husband, Prof. Gabriel Baer, one of our generation’s greatest researchers of Islamic history.

We offer our sincere condolences to the family.

May she rest in peace.