Lecture series - From East to West: Transmitting Islamic Aesthetics in European Architecture (Zurich, fall '16)

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From: Francine Giese <francine.giese@khist.uzh.ch>
Date: September 20, 2016
From East to West. Transmitting Islamic Aesthetics in European Architecture
Lecture series - Fall Semester 2016
University of Zurich, Institute of Art History
All conferences take place in Rämistrasse, 73, RAK-8, from 18.15 to 19.45. 
Nineteenth century architectural vocabulary was in part shaped by Islamic constructive and decorative forms. In addition to Cairo and Istanbul, al-Andalus played an important role in mediating a formal repertoire that was in turn received and modified by European architects. The lectures will present selected case studies that will examine the underlying transfer and appropriation processes involved in this phenomenon.
Organizers: Prof. Dr. Francine Giese, Dr. Ariane Varela Braga
Wednesday 28 September
Mercedes Volait (Laboratoire InVisu (INHA/CNRS) Paris)
Islamic Revival in Mamluk terms: the impact of historical Cairo on 19th c. design
Wednesday 12 October
Guido Zucconi (Università IUAV di Venezia)
Venice looking back to the East : the case of the Fondaco dei Turchi in the XIX.th century
Wednesday 26 October
Juan Calatrava Escobar (Universidad de Granada)
Orientalisme et architecture dans les expositions universelles
Wednesday 9 November
Nadia Radwan (Universität Bern)
The Suchard « Minaret »: When Local Craftsmanship meets Orientalist Fantasy
Wednesday 23 November
Inessa Kouteinikova (Amsterdam)
Orient Exhibited: Russia and Central Asia (1865-1920)
Wednesday 14 December
Elke Pflugradt (Düsselforf)
Das Maurische Bad auf Schloss Schwerin von Carl von Diebitsch als Nukleus für seine spätere Schaffenszeit in Kairo
Admission is free, registration is not required