Lecture - Persian lacquered bookbinding: A journey through its layers and conservation challenges, Mandana Barkeshli (Oxford) - June 27

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Persian lacquered bookbinding: 
A journey through its layers and conservation challenges

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 Tuesday 27 June 2023


  At the Weston Library, University of Oxford

Persian artisans are known for their contributions to the field of bookbinding, with the lacquered bookbinding technique being one of their notable breakthroughs. This intricate technique involves multiple layers, each with their own materials, methods, and motifs that have been used from the Safavid to Qajar periods. 

Professor Barkeshli will delve into the details of each layer and explore the various treatments used during manufacture, as well as providing insight into the environmental enemies of the lacquered bookbinding.

Prof. Dr. Mandana Barkeshli is Head of Research and Post Graduate Studies of De Institute of Creative Arts and Design in UCSI in Malaysia and Principle Fellow at University of Melbourne. Her current research project is titled, 'Paper Dyes Used in Persian Medieval Manuscripts: Creating a Materials Construction Digital Database'.