Resource - Persian glass collection in Canada

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From: Phil Culhane <>
Date: June 2, 2016

I have collected glass since about 1974. I have collected late Persian glass since a chance email in 2012. From my research and continuous queries, I may have the largest collection of late Persian utilitarian glass in the Western Hemisphere.

Very little is known about late Persian glass, almost nothing from what I have been able to find.  I have a wonderful reference collection, if it is of any use, but little luck finding anyone who might be able to make use of it as a resource. Given the paucity of published materials, I have to believe there are a dozen scholarly articles, and probably more, sitting on my shelves.

If you know anyone who might have any interest, please invite them to contact me? From even a cursory glance at my web site, I think someone would come to the conclusion that I care...


I'll hope to perchance hear from you.

Best wishes,

Phil Culhane
Ottawa, Canada