Hybrid Lecture - "MARHABA TO THE FUTURE," Mounir Ayache (NYU, Silsila) - March 29

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Submitted by Barry Flood:

Mounir Ayache, Independent Artist
Wednesday, March 29th, 6:30pm EDT

Silsila Spring 2023 Program

Online and in person at New York University, Room 222, 20 Cooper Square, New York, 10003

By envisioning alternate futures, Ayache proposes an image of the Arab world radically different from those circulated in the West. His sci-fi approach weaves together family histories, fictionalised re-appropriations of experiences and Arab identities. These traits situate Ayache within the unofficial movement of Arabfuturism, which derives its name from the Afrofuturism movement in the 90s. Both Afro and Arabfuturism are characterised by a turn to fiction that allows us to imagine vastly different realities.  
Ayache will discuss the progress of his research at the Villa Medici in Rome where he is currently in residence: he is developing a fictional project in which Hassan al Wazzan (known as Leo the African) travels into the future in 2500.

This event will take place as a live webinar at 6:30pm EDT (New York time). To register as an online attendee, please use the following link:

This event will also be held in person at NYU in room 222, 20 Cooper Square, NY 10003. In accordance with university regulations, visitors must show a valid government-issued photo ID (children under 18 can provide non-government identification). 

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