New Publication – The Planetary King: Humayun Padshah: Inventor and Visionary on the Mughal Throne 

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Ebba Koch, The Planetary King: Humayun Padshah: Inventor and Visionary on the Mughal Throne (Ahmedabad: Mapin in association with The Aga Khan Trust for Culture, 2022)ISBN: 978– 93 –85360 –88 – 6

Humayun, the son of Babur and second Mughal ruler, reigned in Agra, Kabul and Delhi intermittently from 1530 to 1556. Until now, his numerous achievements, including winning back the Mughal throne, have not been well recorded. Humayun neither wrote an autobiography nor had an historian to glorify him; the eccentric accounts of his historian Khwandamir elude general comprehension. The Planetary KIng follows Humayun's travels and campaigns during the political and social disturbances of the early sixteenth century. It delves  into Humayun's  social and intellectual life; demystifies his magico-scientific world view, draws attention to his deep involvement with literature, poetry, painting, architecture, mathematics, astronomy, astrology, occultism and extraordinary inventions, and offers a new analysis of Humayun's mausoleum as the posthumous sum of his visions and dreams.



Preface and Acknowledgements



Part I: The Planetary King

Assessments of Humayun

Humayun's Life


Part II:  Humayun's Inventions



Humayun's Court: Reality or Literary Utopia?

Humayun and the Construction of the Mughal Myth:

The Emperor as Sun King

Humayun as Founder of the Mughal School of Painting

Humayun's Buildings

Gardens and the Attitude to Nature


Part III: Humayun's Tomb: Invention and Memorial of the Padshah

The Architect and the Key Design

The Garden and its Subsidiary Buildings

The Mausoleum