New Publication – Lüsterkeramik. Schillerndes Geheimnis / Luster Ceramics. Shimmering Secret, Museum für Islamische Kunst

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Submitted by Claudia Pörschmann:


Dear Colleagues,

Dear Friends of the Museum für Islamische Kunst,

We are pleased to announce our latest publication Lüsterkeramik. Schillerndes Geheimnis / Luster Ceramics. Shimmering Secret

The volume aims to explore the fascination of the shimmering shine of luster ceramics by illuminating the history of this special ceramic technique up to the present day. The starting point is the restoration of a unique Iranian luster vase of the thirteenth century, which the Peter and Irene Ludwig Foundation has given to the Museum für Islamische Kunst in Berlin on permanent loan.

The 98-page publication is bilingual in English and German.


Table of Contents

  • Preface Peter and Irene Ludwig Foundation: Benjamin Dodenhoff
  • Foreword: Stefan Weber
  • Introduction: Martina Müller-Wiener
  • The Reconstruction of the Reconstruction: Stephanie Fischer
  • Mastery Has Many Facets – A Monumental Luster Vase in the Museum für Islamische Kunst: Martina Müller-Wiener
  • Luster – the Secret of the Shimmering Ceramic: Deniz Erduman-Çalış
  • Interview with Master Potter Abbas Akbari
  • Image of Architecture with God’s Word – The Luster Tile Panel of a Prayer Niche from Kashan: Markus Ritter
  • Friedrich Sarre’s Gift to Munich – A Collection of Lusterware from Rayy: Miriam Wallner
  • Shards That Reveal (Hi-)Stories – Egyptian Lusterware of the Eleventh and Twelfth Centuries: Miriam Kühn
  • The Consumption and Reception of Iberian Lusterware – Medieval to Contemporary: Mariam Rosser-Owen
  • Luster Glaze – Thoughts of a Master Potter from Iran: Abbas Akbari

Check for the restoration of the luster vase also:

The restoration and publication were sponsered by Peter und Irene Ludwig Stiftung Aachen


Best wishes,

Stefan Weber