CFP – "Matter Materiality" CIHA (Comité international d'histoire de l'art) – Due November 25

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Submitted by Barry Flood:

Call for sessions: 36th CIHA Congress – Lyon 2024 – Matter Materiality

Deadline for proposals: November 25, 2022

36th CIHA Congress: June 23-28, 2024

Centre de Congrès de Lyon, France


The CIHA (Comité international d'histoire de l'art) is the oldest international organization of art history in the world. For almost a century, every four years, the CIHA has organized a major International Congress on Art History that represented the state of art history throughout the world and which were and are open to all nationalities. The 2024 congress will take place in Lyon on the theme of Matter Materiality.

Matter and materiality are inherent to the conception, production, and interpretation of artifacts in all cultures across all periods of time. In recent decades these notions have given rise to theoretical reflections, including a rethinking of the hylemorphic model (form/matter opposition). A world is open to us in which matter is no longer fixed and inert but in motion, in the grip of infinite transformations, a world of flux (G. Deleuze, T. Ingold), where vital matter is endowed with agency (J. Bennett).

Materiality, resulting from the effect produced by the properties of matter, is grasped within environments and contexts of reception that are also changing and have nothing fixed or definitive. These properties are manifested through the effects of textures, surfaces, weight, extension in space, format, gestural traces, and material effects... The concept of materiality therefore refers to the fact that the artifacts are composed of materials and, at a theoretical level, to all the processes — technical, cultural and social — that undergird the realization and the material perception of works of art.

It is in this spirit that the theme chosen for the 36th CIHA congress is intended. This theme thus provides an opportunity for fruitful intercultural and interdisciplinary dialogue on questions that promote a transversal perspective at the intersection of approaches and methodologies.

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To read the full text of the call for sessions and to submit your proposals: Call for sessions platform


A call for papers for the sessions will be launched in spring 2023.


The organizers,


Laurent Baridon, Judith Kagan, France Nerlich, Sophie Raux