New Issue of Northeast African Studies 17:2

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Northeast African Studies 17:2 (2017)



Editor's Note

From the Editor Lee V. Cassanelli 

In Memoriam

Remembering Tim Carmichael (1969–2018)



Giulia Bonacci & Alexander Meckelburg, "Revisiting Slavery and the Slave Trade in Ethiopia." 

Ayda Bouanga, "Gold, Slaves, and Trading Routes in Southern Blue Nile (Abbay) Societies, Ethiopia, 13th–16th Centuries."

Alexander Meckelburg & Solomon Gebreyes, "Ethiopia and Great Britain: A Brief Note on the Anti-Slavery Protocol of 1884."

Peter P. Garretson, "Fəqrənna Agälgəlot Mahbär (Love and Service Association): Hakim Wärqənäh and an Early Ethiopian NGO."

Hagar Salamon, "Spices for Thought: Salt, Chili Pepper, and Slaves in Ethiopian Amharic Proverbs."

Abinet Shiferaw, Dawit Yosef, Melake Mihret, Volker Gottowik, "Rural-to-Urban Migration as an Escape from “Harmful Traditional Practices”?: A Study of the Life Stories of Female Household Servants in Addis Ababa."