CFP: 20th International Conference of Ethiopian Studies - Mekelle University, Ethiopia - 1st – 5th October, 2018

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20th International Conference of Ethiopian Studies

Mekelle University, Ethiopia

“Regional and Global Ethiopia – Interconnections and Identities”


FIFTH CIRCULAR FOR ICES20 - Call for Abstracts


05 September 2017

The 20th International Conference of Ethiopian Studies (ICES20) is scheduled from 1st – 5th October,

2018 and will be held at Mekelle University, Ethiopia. The committee is now accepting abstracts

through its dedicated website as follows:

Call for Abstract for ICES20

Deadline 30 November 2017

Submit through


# Submission through email is not accepted. Above site is accessible from

conference websites (, )

Format Simple text only (no pictures or special formatting (bold, italic, underline, small letters etc.)).


Abstract Length 100-350 words (briefly describe the issue, methods and finding)

Expected Length of Presentation at ICES20 Around 20 minutes


All the abstracts must be placed under one of the Panels. Please refer to http://www.ices20- or for the list and description of the Panels.

The Panels with ID that ends with “99” placed under each discipline (0199, 0299, 0399....) are General

Panels which are to be prepared by the organizing committee, and thus have no descriptions. If none

of the Specific Panels (panels with description) suits your abstract, you could also choose these

general panels. It is also acceptable for one researcher to make multiple presentations at ICES20.

We are looking forward to abstracts on a wide range of topics!

Best Regards,


Mitiku Gabrehiwot Tesfaye

Chairperson, ICES20 Main Organising Committee, Mekelle University

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