Database of scholars in Ethiopian/Eritrean studies

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Dear colleagues,

This is a great initiative to facilitate collaboration between scholars within our field and connections with other scholarly communities. See below.



Matteo Salvadore
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Department of International Studies
American University of Sharjah
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Dear colleagues:

I have been promising for a long time to create a database of scholars who study Ethiopian/Eritrean history, religion, music, art, or literature (that is, who have done work in the humanities).  I finally did so, using the Google Form format.


The reason I made the database is because (1) it is helpful for all of us to know who is doing what humanities scholarship, and (2) because scholars now frequently email me saying “We are having a conference on x and we would like to invite an Ethiopianist to speak. Whom do you recommend we invite?” or “We are creating an edited volumes or journal issue on x; whom might be interested in submitting an article on Ethiopia/Eritrea?” I do not want to give the same old names, I would like to give names for a wider variety of scholars.


So, if you would like, please fill out the form (the link is provided below) with your contact information, languages, relevant publications, and research areas. No one other than me can see your responses on this form, so your information remains private. On the form, you indicate what information you are willing to share. Once many have filled it out (about 250 people subscribe to this list), then I will share the information people are willing to share, or keep it private, as you indicate in the form.


If some category is lacking on the form, or the form does not provide a space for you to list your skills, please let me know.


Here is the link to the form: