ICES20 - SECOND CIRCULAR FOR ICES20 - Call for Panels - 1-5 October, 2018 at Mekelle University, Ethiopia.

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28 March 2017
First of all, the 20th International Conference of Ethiopian Studies (ICES20) would like to announce
that ICES20 will take place on 1 st  – 5 th  October, 2018 at Mekelle University, Ethiopia.
At the same time, ICES20 welcomes specialized academic panels to be organized by small groups
of researchers active in Ethiopian Studies worldwide. The conference will consist of general thematic
panels, offered by the conference organizers, and specialized panels offered by colleagues based on
their approval by the academic committee of the ICES20. The organizing committee will evaluate the
submissions and decide upon its approval, rejection or suggestions for changes based on academic
criteria and questions of organization.
Panels should be oriented towards the leading theme of the conference "Regional and Global Ethiopia
- Interconnections and Identities". This can include research projects on local and regional clusters of
culture and their interconnections with other clusters; it can focus on connections over wide regions
in space and time, or on local social, cultural or historical phenomena, or any other topics based on
new research on and in the region, its languages, societies, history/histories and cultures.     
1) Title and abstract:
The panel proposal contains a title which concisely describes the panel's theme, and an abstract not
longer than 350 words and not shorter than 150 words. The abstract should contain a short description
of the main idea of the panel. A panel's theme has to be wide enough to be able to welcome several
papers contributing several aspects to the theme from different perspectives, but also specific enough
to allow concentration on one strongly interconnected string of ideas and questions, in order to allow
2) Responsibilities of panel organizers:     
Panel organizers are expected to encourage potential participants to participate in their panel. While
an accepted panel will be open for registration at the ICES20 webpage, potential participants can
freely  choose  which  panel  they  would  prefer.  The  accepted  abstract  applications  will  then  be
submitted to the panel organizers for approval or rejection. The final selection of paper presenters is
done by the ICES20 academic committee in consultation with ICES20 committee.
3) Funding of panels:
As the ICES20 is a very big conference with participants from at least about 20 countries worldwide, 20th  International Conference of Ethiopian Studies  Mekelle  University,  Ethiopia
“Regional  and  Global  Ethiopia  –  Interconnections  and  Identities”
the  funding  of  participation  constitutes  the  major  challenge  in  its  organization.  Accepted  panel
organizers shall try to acquire funding or co-funding for panel participants or help in the identification
of funding mechanisms. However, the availability of funding is not a final criterion for the acceptance
or rejection of a panel proposal. The ICES20 committee will support the process through information
and necessary letters, and in the identification of funding mechanisms within and outside Ethiopia.
Deadline  15 May 2017

Submit through:
Attach  the  panel  ICES20  Website
[submission  by  directly  pasting  proposal]  or   
[submission by file attachment]. Alternatively, you can email your panel proposal to the
organizing committee (subject should be “Panel Submission”)


Microsoft word or other compatible formats


Panels should be in the field of social science and humanities with a focus on Ethiopia
and the region in general, with focus on following disciplines:
• Archaeology, paleoanthropology & heritage
• Arts & architecture
• Education & pedagogical science
• Economics & development studies
• History of the states and peoples of the region (political and cultural)
• Human geography, environment & ecology
• Law, governance & political economy
• Philology, literature & linguistics
• Political science & migration studies
• Population & gender studies
• Social anthropology & cultural studies
• Studies of religion
We are looking forward to panel suggestions on a wide range of topics!
 Please feel free to contact the organizing committee at for questions.
Mitiku Gabrehiwot Tesfaye
Chairperson, ICES20 Main Organizing Committee, Mekelle University

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