Pears Foundation PhD Scholarships at the Middle East and North Africa Centre at the University of Sussex (MENACS)

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The Middle East and North Africa Centre at the University of Sussex in Brighton, England (MENACS) invites applications for PhD study related to the MENA region in humanities and social sciences disciplines.  Research students associated with MENACS work with one of over 30 full time faculty based in departments across the university.  They form a diverse and talented student body from around the world that studies the MENA region in an environment focused on cross-cultural dialogue, inter-faith tolerance, and the advocacy of positive change.

We are also pleased to welcome applications to the Pears Foundation PhD Scholarships at the Middle East and North Africa Centre at Sussex.  These scholarships provide full funding for UK/EU or International students whose research falls into one of the Centre's main areas of study: Middle Eastern, Israeli and North African Studies. There are no restrictions as to time period or subject area.  More information about these scholarships is available here:  The first stage of the application must be submitted no later than 26 January 2017.

In additional to these MENA-specific scholarships, there are further funding opportunities open to students across the university.  These include the Chancellor's International Research Scholarships (for international students in the humanities, first stage due 5 January 2017), CHASE AHRC studentships (for UK/EU students in the humanities, first stage due 11 January 2017), and ESRC studentships (for UK/EU students in the social sciences, first stage due 10 January 2017).  A searchable database of scholarships available at the University of Sussex is here:

The Middle East and North Africa Centre at Sussex (MENACs) is an innovative and interdisciplinary centre for the study of the Middle East and North Africa.  MENACS was launched in 2015-16 as the University’s focal point for engagement with the MENA region.  It has unusually wide geographic scope, bringing together research stretching from North Africa to Afghanistan, and Turkey to the Indian Ocean.   With over 30 full-time academics, the Centre is one of the largest of its kind in the UK.  It includes academics spread from departments across the humanities and social sciences, and is especially strong in the fields of modern history and international relations.  The centre’s activities address major global challenges, involve collaborations from around the world, and facilitate outstanding impact on an international level.  More information about the centre is available here:

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