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Call for Papers: Rethinking Poverty, Insecurity and the Cost of Living Crisis in the North West and Beyond Announcement Vicki Dabrowski 02/01/2023 - 1:47pm
Dastavezi | The Audio-Visual South Asia [Journal] Announcement Jürgen Schaflechner 02/01/2023 - 1:46pm
Anthropocenica. Journal of Anthropocene Studies and Ecocriticism - issue 4 Announcement João Mendes 02/01/2023 - 1:45pm
Conference: Governing the city by human rights objectives: Management concepts and instruments Announcement Wanda Tiefenbacher 02/01/2023 - 1:44pm
GSA 2023 Panel: "Autobiographical and Autofictional Writing in the Works of Günter Grass" Announcement Christian Baier 02/01/2023 - 1:44pm
Musical Tale and Children’s Opera in the English-speaking World Announcement Marcin STAWIARSKI 02/01/2023 - 1:43pm
International Conference on "Re-positioning India and Australia in the Emergent Geo-Politics: Identities, Entanglements, Cultural Diplomacy" Announcement Ipsita Sengupta 02/01/2023 - 1:43pm
[Deadline Extended] Transgression - UCLA Terasaki Center for Japanese Studies Graduate Student Conference 2023 Announcement Ju-Hyun Kim 02/01/2023 - 1:42pm
"Buddhist-inflected Sovereignties Across the Indian Ocean: A Pali Arena, 1200–1550," a talk by Anne M. Blackburn Announcement Liyu Hua 02/01/2023 - 1:41pm
Discourses of Madness Announcement Mary Jo Muratore 02/01/2023 - 1:41pm
Teaching the 21st-Century Conference Announcement Christopher Doyle 02/01/2023 - 1:40pm
Early European Puppetry Studies Conference Announcement Michelle Oing 02/01/2023 - 1:39pm
Medieval Archaeology in Egypt February 1 - February 15- March 1 Announcement Hesham Nasr 02/01/2023 - 1:38pm
Call for Papers: Arendt Studies, Volume 7 Announcement Rhea ienni 02/01/2023 - 1:38pm
Books! "Survival of the Thickest? Or, Why Do Some (Very Old) Books Survive Better than Others?" 2/6/23 Announcement Marian J. Barber 02/01/2023 - 1:37pm
Teaching Literature at Community Colleges Now Announcement Susan Jacobowitz 02/01/2023 - 1:36pm
Celebrating Student Success: The Instructor as Mentor Announcement Susan Jacobowitz 02/01/2023 - 1:36pm
Edited Volume: The Middle Ages and Its Cultural Afterlives in the American South Announcement Donna Beth Ellard 02/01/2023 - 1:36pm
Designing Urban Universities Announcement Dr Timothy Stott 02/01/2023 - 1:35pm
Call for Applications: "Revisiting Religion & Place in Light of Environmental, Legal, and Indigenous Studies" a residential institute for higher ed faculty—Deadline:3/3/2023 Announcement Rebecca Bultman 02/01/2023 - 1:33pm
CFP: Commercial Networks: Connection, Conflict, Exchange Announcement Claire Arnold 02/01/2023 - 1:33pm
Literature and the Visual Arts (GSA '23) Announcement Charles Vannette 02/01/2023 - 1:29pm
Call for Chapter Proposals - A CULTURAL EXPERIENCE: THE ROLE OF THEATRE AT HISTORICALLY BLACK COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES (an edited volume) Announcement DeRon Williams 02/01/2023 - 1:29pm
VIRTUAL WORKSHOP: Oral History Basics Announcement Therese McIntyre 02/01/2023 - 1:28pm
Crossing Boundaries. Human-Animal Relations from Post-Petrine Russia to the Soviet State (1725–1991) Announcement Helena Holzberger 02/01/2023 - 1:27pm